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Sri Lanka Presidential candidate Gotabaya promises to free jailed ex-servicemen

In Sri Lanka, Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday launched his campaign promising to pardon and free all ex-servicemen who have been jailed by this government on cooked up charges, a day after he is elected.

In his first public rally at Anuradhapura, the former defense secretary attacked those who had called him a military man saying that it was this man who had helped free the country from terror.

He pointed that people of Anuradhapura could not go further than 25 miles during the war and now they could.

Gotabaya, who is brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the country was safe as long as the Rajapaksas were in power but now can’t even go to church without being bombed.

Promising to create a prosperous, safe and disciplined society, he said massive amount of money would be spent on technical education for young people who fail to enter university.

The former secretary has made national security as his main election plank for the elections.

His main rival and candidate of United National party (UNP) is scheduled to launch his campaign on Thursday with a rally at Galle face in Colombo.Sri Lankan President Sirisena decides to remain neutral at Presidential election.

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