UAE envoy ridiculed Saudi leadership in leaked emails

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates ambassador to the US, Yousef al-Otaiba, has found himself within the spotlight for the incorrect reasons.
According to news revealed by Al Jazeera, Otaiba during a series of leaked emails, reportedly purloined by hacking cluster GlobalLeaks, has referred to as Saudi Arabia’s leadership “f***in coo coo.”

The report aforesaid Otaiba’s message is in regard to a choice by the Saudi government to ban merchandising red roses on Valentine’s Day. “They’re with great care stupid… I’m positive Red roses square measure currently being sold on the black marketplace for exorbitantly high costs. They should’v illegal simple chocolate further,” browse the e-mail.

“In another email taken from the inbox of the UAE’s ambassador, Otaiba wrote that Abu Dhabi has warred for two hundred years with the Saudis over Muhammadanism which the Emiratis had a lot of ‘bad history’ with Kingdom of Saudi Arabia than anyone else. In a third, he unconcealed that currently was the time once the Emiratis may get ‘the most results we will ever get out of Saudi’,” geographic region Eye according.


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