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Spain seeks rise up charges towards fired Catalan leaders

BARCELONA: Spain moved Monday to position Catalonia’s secessionist leaders on trial for alleged crimes that bring most sentences of a long time in jail, and some of the ousted authorities figures went to the Belgian capital, wherein an official stated they might be able to request asylum.

As Catalonia spent its first operating day underneath the direct rule of Madrid, following its nearby parliament’s unsuccessful efforts to create a new country, Spain turned into venturing into new political terrain amid an remarkable disaster.

An early regional election on Dec. 21 is at the horizon when both separatists and unionists will present applicants, but before that the united states is probably to undergo weeks of political uncertainty.

Cranking up the tension, Spain’s nation prosecutor stated he would are looking for rise up, sedition and embezzlement costs against individuals of the vicinity’s secessionist government.

chief prosecutor Jose Manuel Maza stated he would ask judges for preventive measures against the politicians and the governing body of the Catalan parliament that allowed a vote to claim independence on Friday. Maza failed to specify if the ones measures might consist of their arrest and detention earlier than trial.

The rebellion, sedition and embezzlement fees convey maximum sentences of 30, 15 and 6 years in jail, respectively. It wasn’t at once clean when judges could rule on the prosecutors’ request.

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