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India releases a study report on Pharma exports to China

For India to make a strong pitch for pharma exports to China, the Department of Commerce in coordination with Embassy of India at Beijing commissioned a study on “Enhancing Indian Exports of Pharmaceutical products to China” under the Market Access Initiative Scheme (MAI) to have a proper understanding of Chinese market and to help the Indian pharma industry to evolve appropriate and focused strategy for entry of the Indian generic drugs.

The study examines the health care market, pharmaceutical market the distribution system, procurement and bidding process and the regulatory landscape in China. The study also gives recommendations on how to access the Chinese market.

China’ s health-care sector continues togrowrapidly with spending projected to grow from $ 357 billion in 2011 to $ 1 trillion in 2020. From pharmaceuticals to medical products to consumer health, China remains among the world’s most attractive markets, and by far the fastest-growing of all the large emerging ones.

The study has been done by IMS Health team which worked with PHARMEXCIL and Industry stakeholders.

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