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India exercised right of reply at UNHRC

India has reacted in no uncertain terms to comments made by Pakistan and the OIC at the UNHCR on Kashmir. Exercising the right to reply, India said that terrorism from Pakistan remains the biggest threat to regional & global peace & security. India also said no amount of hyperbole can hide Pakistan’s dismal human rights record.

India has once again strongly rjected attempt by Pakistan to rake up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir on international forum. Demolishing Pakistan’s attempt to prop up Kashmir issue at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting, India wondered if it was not an irony that the country that sheltered global faces of terror inlcuding Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar was raising human rights concerns.

India further reminded the council that the Even as we approach 10 years of Mumbai terrorist attacks, their perpetrators continue to roam freely in Pakistan adding that now terror masterminds are contesting elections there.

Exercising India’s right of reply in response to the statements made by Pakistan at the 39th session of UNHRC Indian diplomat Mini Devi Kumam reminded the council that we would like to remind the Council that it was Pakistan that wrecked the UNSC resolutions by not meeting its primary obligation to first vacate the illegal occupation of POK.

India also rejected the reference to Jammu and Kashmir made by Pakistan on behalf of Organisation of Islamic Council. Kumam said that

The OIC has no locus standi to comment on the internal affairs of India.The OIC would be well advised to not allow itself to be misused by an ‘errant member whose greatest and only contribution to the region and the world has been the malice of terrorism

Earlier, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva had said the UN has a key role to play in the resolution of the J & K issues. India has voiced regret over the issue being raised in the UNHRC after High Commissioner for Human Rights made a reference to Kashmir during her opening statement to the Council.

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