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Sri Lanka: 74 arrested in connection with attacks on Muslim properties

Sri Lankan police has arrested 74 people in connection with attacks on Muslim homes and shops on Monday as situation in affected areas is returning to normal.

Police spokesperson Ruwan Gunasekara said that investigations are continuing to arrest persons who express hate speech on social media to disrupt national unity.

He mentioned that if mobs continue to engage in communal violence, the tri forces and police will use force to stop them.

Overnight curfew imposed countrywide has been lifted from Wednesday morning.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said a group of people are trying to disrupt the Vesak festival and no room should be allowed to fulfill their intention. He visited an affected area yesterday where mobs have attacked mosques and Muslim homes.

Wickremsinghe said Easter services were disrupted by the terrorist activities and they cannot allow the saboteurs to disrupt the Vesak festival as well. He said all necessary powers have been given to the police and the armed forces to ensure peace and security of the country.

Chief Buddhist Prelates and Christian leaders have emphasized that the public should behave peacefully, adding it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain peace and reconciliation.

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