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Clamour growing in India to boycott Chinese Products and Services

News of twenty brave hearts attained martyrdom has resulting into Clamour growing in India to boycott Chinese products and services.  It is well known fact that China always looked India as major business destination only, while aggressively supporting all anti India forces be it Pakistan or any other country for that matter.

According to statistics available, the bilateral trade in 2018 totalled to $95.7 billion and was $92.68 billion in year 2019. The Chinese exports to India last year amounted to $74.72 billion compared to $76.87 in 2018. India’s exports to China amounted to $17.95 billion against $18.83 billion last year.

This is one side of the coin, but on other side if we closely notice the figures the trade deficit between two nations is major cause of worry for India.  In year 2018, the trade deficit between two nations stands at $58.04 billion.  This concerns India in two different ways; one is the actual size of the deficit. Two is the fact that the imbalance has continuously been widening year after year.

The trade deficit implies that China is sending more products and services to India where in India is sending very little to China.  According to experts the reason behind this trade deficit is China’s reluctance to allow Indian industry especially IT and Pharma etc Into Chinese domestic market.  Despite several requests, Chinese has not made any progress in this regard.

Apart from practicing these non fair trade practices, China always resorted to supporting anti India activities be it in UN or elsewhere.   It is also well known that China actively supporting other neighbouring nations to conduct anti India activities.   Further it wants to destabilise India so that it can be further weakened and cannot pose challenge to Its dominance in Asia and world order.

Considering all these anti India activity, there is a growing dissident among majority of Indian people to raise a demand to boycott the Chinese products and services for past few years.  Due to continuous Chinese actions on border and also especially due to Corona Pandemic started this demand further started gaining momentum.

Now after hearing the news of martyrdom of 20 brave hearts of Indian Army, the demand attained its peak and agitated Indian’s are now demanding the government to act tough against Chinese government especially in trade.

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