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Millions in Hong Kong vote in pro-democracy primaries

The high turnout for the unofficial poll came despite a government warning that it could be in breach of a tough new security law imposed on the city by Beijing.

More than half a million Hong Kong people voted in primaries held by pro-democracy parties to choose candidates for upcoming legislative elections, organisers said on Sunday.
Tens of thousands queued in the intense summer heat at more than 250 polling stations across the city for the two-day vote which opened hours after police raided an opinion pollster helping to conduct the primaries.

After polls closed at 9:00 pm on Sunday, organisers said more than 580,000 people had cast their ballots in the digital voting system. “Under the cloud of the national security law, nearly 600,000 people came out and voted — this is where we can see the courage of Hong Kong people,” former legislator and organiser Au Nok-hin said.

The winning candidates are expected to be announced on Monday evening after all the votes are tallied and be endorsed to run for seats in the city’s 70-member legislature in September.

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