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Bangladesh launches campaign against fake information and rumours

The government of Bangladesh has launched a campaign named ‘Asol Chini’ or ‘real-sugar’ to fight fake information and rumour spreading on social media.


Launching the campaign on Tuesday, the State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmad Palak said that it is very difficult to find out the truth in the whirlwind of fake information and rumours on the online media. It can cause social unrest and loss of property and life. However, he said, people can know the truth if they apply common sense and mind. He said the project is aimed to stop rumours and fake information to spread.

The Digital Security Agency (DSA) of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department and the LICT project of the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) will jointly run the campaign to create awareness among  people in the country in a three-month campaign.



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