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stranded Indian merchant ship still at China’s Jingtang port

China has cited COVID-19 regulations for denying departure to a stranded Indian merchant ship loaded with Australian coal. The ship named Jag Anand been awaiting anchorage at the Chinese port Jingtang near Tangshan in China’s Hebei province since June this year

23 crew members are stuck on the ship and most of them have exceeded their limit of 11 months to stay on board and are eligible for repatriation.

At a press briefing in Beijing today, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that as per China’s regulations and the crew members’ quarantine requirements, China is providing convenience to these crew members.

Earlier on Monday, China had said that it has no information on reports of an Indian ship with a 23-member crew carrying Australian coal stranded off China’s coast for the past five months ago.

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