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India International Science Festival, from December 22nd to 25th, 2020

India International Science Festival, the International Science Film Festival of India (ISFFI) seeks to promote science popularization among citizens and aims at attracting talented young science filmmakers and science enthusiasts. Science film is an effective tool for science communication to foster and create an excitement of science amongst people at large; it also helps inculcate a scientific temper among the audience thereby shaping the analytical thinking, a prerequisite for the inclusive development of the nation.

The ISFFI offers an opportunity for students and other participants to get involved with the process of science film-making and improve their understanding of various feats in science and technology. The initiative recognizes the effort and contribution of film producers in the specialized areas of science and technology and motivates them to develop this unique profession of science film making with innovative quality content especially relevant to our country.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as per Govt of India guidelines, this year the ISFFI 2020 is to be organised in a virtual environment from December 22nd to 25, 2020.

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