AIF raises $25 million for COVID support to India

The American India Foundation (AIF) non profit organization has raised $25 million for COVID-19 assistance to India. AIF CEO Nishant Pandey reportedly said that AIF had ordered and have commitments for 5,500 oxygen concentrators, 2,300 hospital beds, 25 oxygen plants, and 30,000 non-electric ventilators. AIF was founded in the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake at the initiative of the then US president Bill Clinton and the then Prime Minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee. AIF has raised the highest aid amount by an Indian-American non-profit body. Pandey said they were humbled by an overwhelming response. While AIF has championed many initiatives with the Indian-American diaspora, but the giving witnessed in COVID-19 was immense and the catastrophe connected a lot of new Diaspora to AIF.

Meanwhile, three Indian-American siblings who created a non-profit called `Little Mentors` raised more than US$ 280 thousand to send essential oxygen supplies for Covid-19 patients in India especially in and around Delhi.The 15 year old triplets, Gia, Karina and Armaan Gupta made an important request that after a piece of equipment helped a patient it should be provided to the next patient for use. The triplets worked to reach out also to senators and congressmen, requesting to lift the critical supply embargo.

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