NRI, PIO doctors send major COVID-19 supplies

Indian Diaspora doctors have formed a special group to send significant medical supplies and aid that is being bought, donated, collected and shipped to India. Some estimates say Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and People of Indian Origin (PIOs) doctors could number between 250,000 and 500,000 around the world. There might be many more Registered Nurses and other Para Medical staff of Indian origin globally. These Diaspora medical professionals are supporting India in many ways as the country braces and fights the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic.

The recently-formed Federation of Indian Physicians Association on 7th May said that they have already purchased 5,000 oxygen concentrators for India. Of these, 450 units have already reached Ahmedabad in Gujarat while 325 are on their way to Delhi and 300 to Mumbai. FIPA president, Dr. Raj Bhayani said, “These units are to be received by local Indian partners, hospitals, makeshift isolation centers, newly created mobile hospitals and charities so that local partners in the remote parts of India can use these units to provide oxygen to COVID patients as needed,”. He said that about 3,500 units are still waiting to be shipped, adding that FIPA has reached out to the Indian embassy, the Indian Ministry of Aviation, and Air India for help transport these units immediately.

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